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Object documentationInventory Counting Transactions


In the normal course of business, inventory counting is carried out to verify the quantity and condition of items in the warehouse, and to provide information about existing inventory and inventory valuation to the auditors.

You can perform the following inventory counting transactions in SAP Business One:

  • Print lists of items for inventory counting and record the results of inventory counting

    For more information, see Inventory Counting.

  • Reconcile item quantities with the results of inventory counting

    For more information, see Posting Counting Results.

To access these functions, in the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose Start of the navigation path Inventory Next navigation step Inventory Transactions Next navigation step Inventory Counting Transactions End of the navigation path.

Recommendation Recommendation

There are several ways to count inventory, of which cycle counting is the most common.

If your company conducts cycle counting, you can use cycle count recommendations to plan your counting date and time. You can receive an alert every time counting is due.

For more information, see Cycle Count Recommendations.

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Note Note

SAP Business One supports approval procedures and the function of saving documents as drafts for inventory counting and inventory posting.

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