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In this window, you can make some basic changes to the default series of each document.

Through this window, you can access the relevant series setup window for each type of master data or document to create new series or change existing series.

To access this window, choose Start of the navigation path Administration Next navigation step System Initialization Next navigation step Document Numbering End of the navigation path.

Note Note

If the Manual series is the default for business partner or item master data, the First No., Next No., and Last No. fields show no results.

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Document Numbering Fields

Displays the list of master data and documents in SAP Business One for which you can define numbering series.

Default Series

Displays the default numbering series defined for master data and documents. Here you can change the name of the default series of each document but not the series itself.

First No.

Displays the first number of the default series. For a series of a document, you can change this number only if no document is created within this series and the new range does not include numbers of other series created for the same document.

Next No.

Displays the number of the default numbering series assigned to the next business partner, item, or document to be created. You can change this number of a document series as long as no document is created within this series. If there already exist documents within the default numbering series, you can change the next number only for purchasing documents.

Note Note

Legal regulations require successive numbering of sales documents, and, therefore, it is forbidden to change the next number of sales documents numbering series.

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Last No.

Displays the last number of the default numbering series. For a series of a document, you can change this number as long as there is no overlap between the new range and other numbering series of the same document and the new last number is not smaller than the next number of the default series.

Change Menu Names

SAP Business One lets you modify the menu wording for sales, purchasing and inventory documents. You may do this, for example, to reflect common terminology in specific industries. To specify a new menu name, make an entry in this column.

Changing the menu name is only possible if the checkbox Permit More than One Document Type per Series on the Basic Initialization tab in the Company Details window is not selected.

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