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SAP Business One lets you create different price lists for items, giving you the flexibility to offer your customers customized prices.

During the creation of sales and purchasing documents, SAP Business One derives item prices directly from a price list that is linked to a business partner. This price list can be linked by default from the business partner's group or from the business partner's payment terms, or can be selected manually in the business partner master data. When you add a business transaction for a business partner, the price of the item is determined by the assigned price list.

When you initialize SAP Business One, you define data for business partners, business partner groups, and payment terms, as well as the price lists for customers and vendors. This data is revised and modified over the course of time, resulting in price information used in sales and purchasing that is always up to date.

SAP Business One provides 10 default price lists. You can use from any to all 10 of them. You can define new price lists and delete existing ones. You can also link different price lists to one another using multiplication factors. In each price list you can define up to three prices with different currencies for each item. In addition, you can set different prices for each of the item's units of measurement (UoM). Maintaining different price lists for items makes it possible to set special prices and quantity-dependent discounts in each one, thereby letting you offer your customers customized prices.

You can choose for items with no price to be removed from the database level by selecting the Remove Unpriced Items from price list Database checkbox in general settings. For more information about this setting, see General Settings: Pricing Tab

In SAP Business One, you define prices for items in price lists. A price list can be assigned to a business partner through his business partner group or his payment terms.