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The Delivery is a legally binding document indicating that the shipment of goods or the delivery of services has occurred. Without this document, goods can be delivered only if an invoice has already been created.

When you create a delivery, the corresponding goods issue is also posted. The goods leave the warehouse and the relevant inventory changes are posted. When the inventory is changed, the values in the accounting system change as well (only when you use perpetual inventory).

To open the window, choose   Sales – A/R   Delivery  .

Country-Specific Information for Russia

Use the Shipped Goods Account checkbox on the Accounting tab.

Note Note

Select this checkbox to debit the Shipped Goods account instead of the COGM account. Afterwards, if you create an A/R invoice as the target document, based on this type of delivery, the invoice will credit the Shipped Goods account and debit the COGM account.

By default, this checkbox is not selected.

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Note Note

If you create a delivery without selecting this checkbox, the target A/R invoice must be created immediately after this delivery, with the same Posting Date.

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