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Use this window to set up different codes for each warehouse sublevel.

With actual businesses, a big warehouse is often divided into several levels of subunits, and the lowest level of subunit is the actual bin location where the goods are stored. In order to identify each bin location with a unique code, SAP Business One requires you to use the codes of the warehouse and warehouse sublevels to compose the bin location codes.

Example Example

Warehouse A has the following levels of subunits:

  • Warehouse sublevel 1 – Wing

    Sublevel codes – WINGEAST and WINGWEST, which refer to the east and west wings in the warehouse, respectively.

  • Warehouse sublevel 2 – Section

    Sublevel codes – SECTIONA and SECTIONB, which represent section A and B in each wing.

  • Warehouse sublevel 3 – Shelf

    Sublevel codes – SHELF01 and SHELF02, which stand for shelf 01 and 02 in each section.

    Shelf is the smallest unit of space in the warehouse, which also represents the physical location of the bin.

To indicate the eight bin locations (shelves), SAP Business One lets you define the following bin location codes with the warehouse and warehouse sublevel codes:









    Note Note

    The separator - between the warehouse and warehouse sublevel codes is defined in Warehouses - Setup: Bin Locations Tab. By default, the bin location code separator is a hyphen ”-”.

    End of the note.
End of the example.

To access the window, from the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Administration   Setup   Inventory   Bin Locations   Warehouse Sublevel Codes  .

General Area
Warehouse Sublevel

From a dropdown list of active warehouse sublevels, select a sublevel for which you want to define the codes.

Note Note

By default, SAP Business One activates warehouse sublevel 1 for you. To activate other warehouse sublevels, go to Bin Location Field Activation Window.

End of the note.
Manage Sublevel Codes

Opens the Warehouse Sublevel Code Management window, where you can generate, update, and delete warehouse sublevel codes in batches.

Table Area

Enter the code for the warehouse sublevel. The code can be alphabetic letters, numbers, symbols, or a combination of all. You can enter up to 50 characters.

Note Note

SAP Business One automatically applies upper case to any alphabetic letters you enter.

End of the note.

If required, enter a description of the warehouse sublevel code.

No. of Bin Locations

Displays the number of bin locations which use the warehouse sublevel code as a component of their codes.

To view the bin locations which use the warehouse sublevel code, open the bin location list by choosing Link Arrow (Link Arrow) to the left of the number.