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Use this window to record transactions from your external bank or business partner statements.

To open this window, choose   Banking   Bank Statements and External Reconciliations   Process External Bank Statement  .

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This topic documents fields and other elements in this window that either are not self-explanatory or require additional information.

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Process External Bank Statement Window Fields
G/L Account

From the dropdown list, select G/L Account if you want to record transactions from your bank statements, or select BP if you want to record transactions from your business partner’s statements.


Specify the code of the G/L account or business partner for which you want to record the transactions.

Page Currency

Automatically displays the currency defined for the G/L account or the business partner you specified. This is the currency in which the amounts posted to this page are calculated 9.

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If All Currencies is defined for the specified G/L account or the business partner, the currency displayed is the local currency; reconciliations and transactions of All Currencies entities are performed and calculated in the local currency.

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Reconciliation number of the transactions for which you performed external reconciliations. For unreconciled transactions, this field is blank.


Specify the date that appears in the statement received from the external account.

Reference, Details, Details 2

Specify the reference and relevant details as they appear in the statement received from the external account; for example, fee or deposit.

Debit Amount, Credit Amount

Specify the respective debit or credit amount from the external account statement.

Current Balance

Displays the expected current balance of the G/L account or the business partner calculated automatically by SAP Business One for each row based on the information you specified from the statement. Negative balances are indicated by a minus sign.


Refreshes and updates the expected current balance in the external account statement.

End of Page

Moves the cursor to the first empty row at the end of the table. This can be useful when you have many transactions in the table, and you want to go instantly to the first empty row.

Additional Fields When You Choose G/L Account in the G/L Account Dropdown List
Create Payment

Enables the creation of an automatic incoming payment linked to an existing invoice.

Transact. Type

From the dropdown list, select one of the following options:

  • P - Payment Reference No.

    Relevant for Belgium localization, the payment reference number is an additional key for the A/R invoice that is used to match a payment with the A/R invoice.

  • I - ISR Relevant for Switzerland localization

    When you send invoices to your customers, you send an additional document that contains all the details of the payment that the customer has to make, including your bank details, the amount to be paid, and a payment reference number.

  • D - Doc Num

    Document number of the invoice.

Country-Specific Field: Israel and Panama
Import from File

Choose to import an external bank statement from electronic files provided by the bank.