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It is common to round amounts and prices in payments and marketing documents. SAP Business One enables you to select a rounding method to be used when rounding is required.

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It is possible to change the rounding method any time during the work in SAP Business One. To do so, choose   Administration   System Initialization   Document Settings   General   tab. In the Rounding method, select either By Currency, or By Document.

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By Currency

Select this option if you want to work with rounding account per currency. You have to define the following parameters:

In   Administration   Setup   Financials   Currencies  , determine the required rounding method for each currency, define the display of the decimals and whether the payments generated with this currency should be rounded.

In   Administration   Setup   Financials   G/L Account Determination   General   tab, define a rounding account. The differences between the original amount and the rounded amount are displayed in the Rounding field of the marketing document and posted to this account. This is why the total of credit and debit in the transaction created by the document is different from the document total.

The rounding of the amount appears in the Total field is performed according the definitions made for the currency in all the documents. The difference between the original amount of the document and the rounded amount is displayed in the Rounding field in the general area of marketing documents. In sales documents, this field is not editable. However, in purchasing documents, you can edit the amount that appears in this field (before the document is added) by selecting the Rounding checkbox.

By Document

Select this option, if you want to work without using rounding account and without rounding definitions for each currency. For each sales document, determine whether it should be rounded. Choose   Administration   System Initialization   Document Settings   Per Document   tab. Choose the required documents and select the Automatic Rounding for Document.

The differences created as a result of the rounding are displayed in the Discount field of the marketing documents.

To display a rounding remark, choose   Administration   System Initialization   Document Settings   General   tab and select the Display Rounding Remark. This way, whenever you create a rounded document, an asterisk (*) appears n the Discount field and the remark Discount percentage deviates from discount total due to rounding appears in the Remarks field of the document.