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This tab is available when you click a document type in the left pane of the report and layout manager. It displays all layouts assigned to the document type. Clicking a layout lets you view its details. For user-defined layouts, you can also edit the following fields:

  • Name

  • Author

  • Status

  • Description

  • Printer

  • 1st Page Printer

  • No. of Copies

  • Language

  • (PLD) Use Foreign Currency


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Layout Details
Layout Type

Indicates the type of the layout. The layout type is determined by the tool that is used to design the layout. The tools include the following:

  • PLD (Print Layout Designer)

  • Crystal Reports


Editable for user-defined layouts.

If the status of a layout is inactive, the layout is not available for selection when you preview or print a document or report. For more information, see Layout Designer.


Indicates the language of the UI elements of the layout.

This field is only informational. You can change the value of this field for a user-defined layout, but it does not change the display language of the layout.

Functional Buttons

Available for user-defined Crystal Reports layouts.

Choose this pushbutton to define the data source connections of the layout. For more information, see Report and Layout Manager: Advanced Settings.

More Information

Report and Layout Manager Window

For more information, see the guide How to Work with SAP Crystal Reports in SAP Business One at