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Use this procedure to post reverse transactions that are defined in the Journal Entry window.


Reverse transactions can be posted only if the reverse date has already arrived.


  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Financials   Reverse Transactions  . The Reverse Transactions window appears, displaying all transactions to which a reverse date earlier than the current date was assigned.

  2. Deselect transactions you do not want to reverse.

    Note Note

    To change the date of a reverse transaction, choose Link Arrow (Link Arrow) in the Transaction field.

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  3. Choose Execute.


  • New transactions are created, one for each selected row. The Remarks field of these transactions displays the text (Reversal) and the number of the original transaction. The Reverse option is disabled.

  • In the original transactions, the Reverse option is not visible, and the word Cancelled indicates that the transactions were cancelled.

    Note Note

    You can reverse each journal entry only once.

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