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Use this window to specify the tax information of a company.

To open this window, choose   Business Partners   Business Partners Master Data   Accounting   Tax   tab, and click Browse (Browse).

Tax Information Fields
P.A.N. No.

Specify the permanent account number (PAN).

P.A.N. Circle No.

Specify the PAN circle number.

P.A.N. Ward No.

Specify the PAN ward number.

P.A.N. Assessing Officer

Specify the name of the PAN assessing officer.


Specify either the local sales tax number or the value added tax number.


Specify the central sales tax number.


Specify the tax deduction account number.

Service Tax No.

Specify the service tax registration number.

Company Type

Categorize the company.

Nature of Business

Specify what the business deals with.

Assessee Type

Categorize the assessee.


Specify the taxpayer identification number.

Note Note

A newly-created marketing document contains the same tax information data as that found in   Business Partner Master Data   Accounting   Tax   tab.

End of the note.