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Use this tab to enter information regarding the financial aspects of the A/R reserve invoice.

To access the tab, choose   Sales – A/R   A/R Reserve Invoice   Accounting  .

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This topic documents fields and other elements in this window that either are not self-explanatory or require additional information.

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A/R Reserve Invoice Accounting Tab Fields
Journal Remark

By default, displays A/R Invoice – XXX, where XXX is the customer code. Change this content, if required.

Control Account

Specify the control account for the A/R reserve invoice. The default value is the Accounts Receivable value in the business partner master data.

Payment Block

To define the document as blocked and exclude it from payment, select this checkbox and the proper payment block reason.

Max. Cash Discount

Calculates the discount in the payment run, even if the due date has already expired.

Payment Terms

By default displays the payment terms for the customer as defined in the business partner master data. If required, specify different payment terms.

Payment Method

Specify the payment method for the customer as defined in the business partner master data.


Displays the installments details as specified in the business partner master data. To edit the data, click Link Arrow (Link Arrow).


Enter the due date for an installment.

The calculation is based on the date of the order and the values specified in the payment terms.

The payment period can be given for the current month or for several months in the future, as well as for the number of days you specify in the last month of the period.

BP Project

By default, displays the project name linked to the customer in the business partner master data. If required, specify a different project name.


By default, displays the indicator linked to the customer   Business Partner Master Data   General   tab).

The indicator is used as selection criteria in various reports. If required, choose a different indicator from the dropdown list.

Federal Tax ID

The customer's federal tax ID, if defined in the Federal Tax ID field in:   Business Partners   Business Partner Master Data   General Area  .

If the A/R reserve invoice is copied from base document, the federal tax ID that appears in this field is copied from the base document.

Order Number

Enter an order number of the chain when you use the direct distribution method. This number is recorded in the file that you send to a head office of the chain store.

Asset Value Date

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The field is available only if you have enabled fixed assets.

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If you use the A/R reserve invoice to retire a fixed asset, specify the date on which the retirement takes place in this field.

Different from the posting date which is the date of the journal entry from the accounting perspective, the asset value date is the date of the retirement from the asset perspective.

Country Specific Fields: Italy
Exemption Letter No.

Number of the tax exemption letter of the business partner.


Choose the CIG and CUP codes in the lists for the document.

Country Specific Fields: Spain
Residence Number Type

Select the identification document of the business partner, for example, certificate of fiscal residence or passport.

This field is visible only if Extended Tax Reporting is selected in the company details (see Initializing Tax Reporting According to Model 340).

347 Insurance Operation

Specify if the operation you carry out with the business partner involves selling or purchasing insurance goods or services.

The default is taken from the 347 Insurance Operation field in the business partner master data. You can change the data if required.

Country Specific Field: Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia
VAT Date

Represents date of rising VAT obligation.

This value is one of the main selection criteria for the VAT report. The content of this field can be modified after document creation.

Country Specific Fields: Japan
Closing Date

Displays the date by which to summarize invoices and create a monthly invoice.

In the case of a credit memo, the closing date and the due date are set according to the payment term and closing procedure defined in the business partner master data.

A/R Monthly Invoice No.

Displays the read-only monthly invoice number included in the A/R document.

A/R Monthly Invoice Date

Displays the issue date of the monthly invoice included in the A/R document.

Country Specific Fields: Korea
Tax Invoice No.

Displays the number of the tax invoice after the tax invoice report is printed.

Tax Invoice Date

Displays the issue date of the tax invoice after the tax invoice report is printed.


Indicates that the document has been reported in a summary VAT report.

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