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To use the workflow function in SAP Business One, the company must have active, predefined workflow templates. These templates enable a standard process that can be applied to a series of tasks or events for different business types.

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You can define workflow templates in SAP Business One Studio. For more information, see the how-to guide How to Configure the Workflow Service and Design the Workflow Temples, which you can download from SAP Business One Customer Portal at

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  • You have defined the workflow templates in Workflow designer in SAP Business One Studio, and have exported the templates as .xbml files.

  • You have the authorization to access the Workflow Manager window.


  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Administration   Workflow   Workflow Manager  . The Workflow Manager window appears.

  2. Choose the Import pushbutton. Select the workflow template you want to import, and choose Open.

  3. After the template is imported, choose the Activate pushbutton.

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