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In the Russia localization, you can reuse the document numbers of canceled documents and cancellation documents. Document numbers of the following documents or series, however, are not available for reuse:

  • Canceled documents and cancellation documents that have been archived

  • Locked series

  • Cancellation series

Note Note

If you have selected the Permit More than One Document Type per Series checkbox in the Company Details window, you cannot reuse document numbers.

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Reuse of document numbers is restricted by the period indicator of the posting period.

Example Example

A canceled document is numbered 6489 and its posting date is 01.08.2012. Now you want to create a new document, reusing the document number 6489. The table below shows how the period indicator restricts the reuse of document numbers:

Posting Date

Period Indicator

Reuse Possible or Not










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After activating this function, adding a cancellation document to a non-cancellation series does not increase the next number of the series.

Special Case: Cancellation of a Document with Last Used Number of a Series

If a document occupies the last used number of a series, cancellation of the document results in the following changes:

  • The next document added to this series will automatically reuse the number of the canceled document.

  • The next number of the series decreases by 1 instead of increasing by 1, as it normally would.

Furthermore, if you have added the corresponding cancellation document to the same series, the next number of the series becomes “last used number − 1”. And the next number after that becomes even smaller than the last used number if this combined situation recurs.

Note Note

If you restore the numbering file later, the next number of the series is always restored to “last used number + 1”.

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Example Example

A numbering series for A/R invoices has ten invoices. The last used number is 10 and the next number is 11. If you cancel the A/R invoice numbered 10, the series adheres to either of the scenarios described in the table below:


Cancellation Document Number

Last Used Number

Next Number

Next Number After Restoration

Add the cancellation document to the same series





Add the cancellation document to another series





End of the example.


  • On the General tab of the Document Settings window, you have selected the Reuse Canceled Document and Cancellation Document Numbers checkbox.

  • You have at least one reusable document number.


  1. Before adding a document, right-click in the series or the document number field in the header area, and choose Reuse Canceled or Cancellation Document Number.

  2. In the Reusable Document Numbers window, select a series.

  3. Select a document number and choose the OK pushbutton.

  4. Create the document as usual.


  • The document reuses the document number selected in step 3.

  • When you check the document numbering, reused document numbers are not treated as duplicate but are skipped as normal.