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This example is valid for the following localizations that use the localized function for manually reconciling bank statements (see Manually Reconciling Bank Statements: AU, BR, CA, CN, CY, GB, IN): Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom, and United States.

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On December 1, 2009, you decide to perform a reconciliation for your bank account. The last balance of this account was 100, and the ending balance of this bank account for this date is 250.

The Reconciliation Bank Statement window displays 2 deposits that you can clear:


Transaction Number

Deposit Amount

November 10, 2009



November 24, 2009



You need to reconcile transactions to match the value of the cleared book balance to the ending balance of this bank account. In this case, you need to reconcile transactions with a total amount of 150 = 250 minus 100.

You select both transactions, but the total amount of the open transactions is 145 = 45 + 100.

You create a manual journal entry as an adjustment, debiting the bank account by the amount of 5.

As a result, an additional row is added to the list of transactions you want to clear. The difference between the cleared book balance and the statement ending balance is now zero, enabling you to complete the reconciliation.