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If a marketing document is added in error, has become invalid, or has no concrete transactions associated with it, you can cancel the document but still store it in the database. In some countries, it is even legally binding to cancel such documents instead of closing them (when the closing approach is available, for example, for deliveries) or deleting them from the database.

Note Note

If you want to indicate in your print layouts whether or not a document is canceled, or that a document is a cancellation document, you can make use of the database field “Cancelled”. You can use this field when designing both PLD and Crystal Reports layouts. The valid values for this field are listed below:

  • Y (Yes): Indicates a canceled document.

  • N (No): Indicates that the document is not canceled.

  • C (Cancellation): Indicates a cancellation document.

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You have full authorization for canceling documents. Note that there are separate authorizations for different cancellation types that are introduced below.

Cancellation Types

Cancellation of sales and purchasing documents falls into the following two categories:

  • Cancellation that does not generate new documents

    Relevant documents are listed in the table below. In this category, cancellation of a document merely sets its status to “Cancelled”. For more information, see Updating Sales Quotations, Updating and Cancelling Sales Orders, Closing, Canceling, and Removing Purchase Quotations, and Canceling Purchase Orders.

    Sales Document

    Purchasing Document

    Sales quotation

    Purchasing quotation

    Sales order

    Purchasing order

    A/R down payment request

    A/P down payment request

    Purchase request

  • Cancellation that generates cancellation documents

    Note Note

    This category of cancellation is not available for the Israel localization.

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    Note Note

    In this category, you cannot cancel documents added prior to SAP Business One version 9.0 or any documents based on them. In the Netherlands localization, you cannot cancel documents transferred from another company database via the Year Transfer process or any document based on the transferred documents.

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    Relevant documents are listed in the table below:

    Sales Document

    Purchasing Document

    All Localizations


    Goods receipt PO


    Goods return

    A/R invoice

    A/P invoice

    A/R reserve invoice

    A/P reserve invoice

    A/R credit memo

    A/P credit memo

    Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico

    A/R debit memo

    A/P debit memo


    A/R invoice exempt

    A/R bill

    A/R exempt bill

    A/R export invoice

    Note Note

    Landed costs documents cannot be canceled. Nevertheless, if you manage perpetual inventory, you can achieve the same result of clearing by creating a new landed costs document fully based on the old one.

    You cannot cancel A/R or A/P down payment invoices, either.

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    In this category, canceling a document results in the following changes:

    • A cancellation document is created. The data of the canceled document is copied to the cancellation document and only some data is allowed to be updated.

    • Both canceled and cancellation documents are closed irreversibly.

    • The system reverses the accounting, tax, and inventory changes caused by the canceled document.

    • The system removes the automatic reconciliation between the canceled document and its base documents, if any. Consequently, the base documents are reopened with balances due restored and can be drawn further to new target documents.

    Note Note

    Additional documents other than the cancellation document may also be automatically created upon the cancellation of a marketing document. For more information, see Canceling Documents with Fixed Assets, Incoming Excise Invoice: India, and Outgoing Excise Invoice: India.

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    Note Note

    Cancellation of a document does not affect last purchase prices, that is, adding a cancellation document neither updates nor reverts the Last Purchase Price list.

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