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Use this procedure to add instances of recurring posting templates and turn them into journal entries.


  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Financials   Recurring Postings   Confirmation List  .

    The Confirmation of Recurring Postings window appears, in which each row represents one instance of a recurring posting template.

    Note Note

    To set the automatic display of this window, choose   Administration   System Initialization   General Settings   Services  . For more information, see General Settings: Services Tab.

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  2. Deselect the rows you do not want to execute. All are selected by default.

    Note Note

    You can display each instance and make required changes, such as updating amounts. You can also change control accounts for business partners.

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    Note Note

    Every change you make in a specific instance is valid only for that instance and does not affect other instances of the same template.

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  3. Choose Execute.

    A message appears, asking whether you want to save the posting to the permanent file.

  4. To complete the action and create journal entries, choose Add.


The selected instances become journal entries and no longer appear in the Confirmation of Recurring Postings window.

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