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Procedure documentationCreating Strings for Serial Numbers on Issue Locate this document in the navigation structure


You can create multiple serial numbers automatically, by defining a string for the serial number of an item. This optional function enables you to save time if you have a large number of items to enter.

To create unique serial numbers for the string, you must select one of the options in the Unique Serial Numbers by dropdown list in the General Settings window, otherwise the serial number will not be unique.


  1. Create an inventory issue document.

  2. To open the Serial Number Selection window, choose the Add button. The Serial Number Selection window appears.

  3. To create the serial numbers, choose   Inventory   Item Management   Serial Numbers   Serial Number Management  . The Serial Numbers Management - Selection Criteria window appears.

  4. In the Operation field, choose the Complete option.

  5. Set the selection criteria for the items to be displayed on the relevant tabs and choose the OK button. The Serial Number Management - Complete window appears.

  6. To automatically create serial numbers for the entire quantity, choose the Automatic Creation button. The Automatic Serial Numbers Creation window appears.

  7. Choose the browse button in the Mfr Serial No. field, or Serial Number field, or Lot Number field.

    The Create String for Serial No. window appears. You can create a string that includes several segments by defining multiple rows, with each row in the table representing a segment.

  8. Specify a fixed string that characterizes the serial number in the String field.

  9. Set the string type to String or Number in the Type dropdown list.

  10. If you selected Number in the previous field, define one of the following operations to be performed on the number in the Operation dropdown list: No Oper, Increase, or Decrease. The operation is performed automatically while the number is being created. When the string is of String type, this field is not active.

    The format of the string is displayed in the Final String field.

  11. To save your string, choose the OK button. The Automatic Serial Numbers Creation window appears.

  12. To create the serial numbers, choose the Create button.

  13. Return to the inventory issue document that you are in the process of creating and select the required serial numbers for issue.

  14. To save the data, choose the Update button and the OK button. The Serial Numbers Selection window closes.

  15. To add the document, choose the Add button.