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You can use Quick Copy in the following scenarios:

  • Copying data between companies – If your company uses multiple company databases for different branches, you can copy data between these databases using Quick Copy. You may also want to copy data to other company databases for archiving purposes. For partners, you can save best practice configurations and standard industry data and customizations to quick copy data files. You can then copy information to company databases in future SAP Business One implementation projects, or to multiple customers' company databases.

  • Copying data from test environments to live environments – During an SAP Business One implementation project, you typically test functionality and customizations using a test company database, according to your company's business requirements. This process also avoids damaging live company databases. However, you may not want to use the test company database in a live environment, since test databases typically contain a lot of unwanted data. You can leverage the data and customizations you create during implementation projects by using Quick Copy to copy data from test environments to live environments.