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You start add-ons based on the company preferences and user preferences you set in the Add-On Administration window.

  • SAP Business One starts the add-on automatically.

  • You start it manually using the Add-On Manager.

For more information, see Setting Company Preferences and Setting User Preferences.


You have installed the add-on on your workstation. For more information, see Installing Add-Ons.


  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Administration   Add-Ons   Add-On Manager   Installed Add-Ons   tab.

  2. Select the relevant add-on and choose the Start button.

    SAP Business One starts the add-on and sets the status to Connected.

  3. To close the Add-On Manager window, choose the OK button.


You can use the add-on in SAP Business One.

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