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Procedure documentationFinding G/L Accounts to Include in Financial Reports/Period-End Closing Locate this document in the navigation structure


You can specify through detailed selection criteria which accounts should be included in your company's financial reports and which accounts should be included in period-end closing.

In the case of financial reports, these selection criteria help you prepare the reports according to the following groups:

  • Common accounts and local G/L accounts = for local GAAP reports

  • Common accounts and IFRS G/L accounts = for IFRS reports

To find and select the required accounts, follow the procedure below.


  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Financials   Financial Reports   Accounting  .

  2. Open the selection criteria window of one of the following reports, or of the period-end closing transaction:

    Financials — Financial Reports — Accounting
    • G/L Accounts and Business Partners

    • General Ledger

    • Document Journal

    Financials — Financial Reports — Financial
    • Trial Balance

    Financials — Financial Reports — Comparison
    • Trial Balance Comparison

    Financials — Financial Reports — Budget
    • Budget Report

    • Trial Balance Budget Report

    Administration — Utilities
    • Period-End Closing

    Alternatively, you can open any of the above reports from the Reports module.

  3. To clear previous G/L account selections, click the “x” sign at the top of the accounts grid.

    Note Note

    If you do not clear previous account selections, these are added to the newly made account selections and the results are displayed cumulatively.

    End of the note.
  4. Choose the Find button.

  5. In the Find G/L Accounts window, select whether you want to identify the relevant G/L accounts for the report by segment or by G/L account.

    If your company does not use account segmentation, skip this step.

  6. Depending on what you specified in the previous step, do one of the following:

    • Specify by G/L account codes or by G/L account names, or a mixture of both, which accounts are to be included or excluded in the respective report, together with the appropriate filtering rules.

      Note Note

      If the rule that you have selected is either In Range or Out of Range, you must specify a value in the To Value column. For all other rules this field is disabled.

      End of the note.

      Perform one or more of the following actions, as required:

      To perform this task...

      Do this...

      Create a new row

      Right-click an existing row and choose Duplicate Row. Alternatively, from the menu bar, choose   Data   Duplicate Row  .

      Delete a row

      Right-click the row and choose Delete Row. Alternatively, from the menu bar, choose   Data   Delete  .

      Note Note

      If the window contains only one account code row and you delete this row, you can only create further account code rows by choosing Restore. The same applies if you delete a single account name row.

      End of the note.

      Cut/copy, and paste a value from one row to another

      Click the source cell and choose Cut or Copy. Then click the target cell and choose Paste.

      Delete a value from a row without deleting the entire row

      Click the cell and choose Delete.

      Restore the window to its original state, with one empty row for account code and another empty row for account name

      Right-click a row and choose Restore.

      Cancel the current operation

      Choose the Cancel button.

      Remove all rules and values, while retaining the same number of rows as well as the Field column

      Choose the Clear button.

      Transfer the specified accounts to the selection criteria

      Choose the OK button.

      Note Note

      The relationship between the selection criteria is such that if you specify more than one row, the OR condition applies.

      End of the note.
    • Specify according to segments or segment ranges which G/L accounts are to be included in the report.

      This radio button is available only if your company uses account segmentation, that is, if you have selected the Use Segmentation Accounts checkbox on the Basic Initialization tab in   Administration   System Initialization   Company Details  .

  7. Specify the other selection criteria and verify that the accounts marked with an “x” in the accounts grid are the ones you require.

  8. To apply the specified filters to the report, choose the OK button.


G/L accounts are displayed in the financial reports according to the rules and values, or the segments, that you defined in the Find G/L Accounts window.

Note Note

The settings you make in the Find G/L Accounts window are retained in the application until you change them. However, it is not possible to save them as part of an entire set of selection criteria for the report.

End of the note.