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Use this window to define progressive withholding tax rates in tiers.

To open this window:

  1. Choose   Administration   Setup   Financials   Tax   Withholding Tax  .

  2. Select a withholding tax by double-clicking the row number.

  3. Choose Withholding Tax Definition.

Country Specific Fields: China, Japan and Korea
Tax Rate

Specify the tax rate for this code.

Min. Amount

Minimum amount of the tier in which the rate will be effective; should be equal to the maximum amount of the previous line.

Max. Amount

Maximum amount of the tier in which the rate will be effective.

Note Note

The ranges of the amounts cannot overlap.

End of the note.
Country Specific Fields: India
TDS Rate

Specify the TDS rate.

Surcharge Rate

Specify the surcharge rate.

Cess Rate

Specify the Cess rate.

HSC Rate

Specify the HSC rate.