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Use this window to define new budget scenarios.

Budget Scenarios — Setup Window
Fiscal Year

The current fiscal year is displayed by default. Choose a different one if required.

Example Example

If you are preparing for the coming year and want to define new budget scenario, choose the coming year from the dropdown menu Note that this is available only if you have defined the respective posting period already.

End of the example.
Budget Name

Specify a name for the budget scenario. This name is unique to that fiscal year.

Based On

Choose the budget scenario on which to base the defined budget scenario. An independent budget scenario should be based on itself.

Initial Ratio (%)

Set the percentage of the defined budget in relation to its base budget. If the budget scenario is based on itself, the initial ratio percentage must be 100.

Rounding Method

Select the rounding method for budget amounts in each scenario.

Copy Scenario

Opens the Copy Budget Scenarios window with which you can copy existing budget scenario into a new one.

Import Scenario

Open the Import Budget Scenarios window in which you can import budget scenario from other SAP Business One company into new budget scenario.