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By running this report, you make available a comparison of quotations received from vendors, letting you find the best offer for procurement. The report highlights the favorable parameters, such as the earliest quoted date or the lowest price. In addition, you can turn any purchase quotation into a purchase order directly from the report.


  • Replies from the vendors detailing the conditions of their offers have been received.

  • The vendors' details are recorded in the purchase quotations of the application.


  1. To begin the comparison, do one of the following:

    • Choose   Purchasing   Purchase Quotation  , open the relevant document, right-click, and choose Comparison Report.

    • Choose   Inventory   Item Master Data  , open the relevant item master data, right-click, and choose Comparison Report.

    • Choose   Reports   Purchase Quotation Comparison Report  .

      In the Purchase Confirmation Comparison report, specify the selection criteria and choose OK.

    The Quotation Comparison window appears.

    The report displays the price and quantity quoted by the vendor, as well as the promised delivery date. Below are explanations of several fields and elements in the window:



    PQ No.

    The number of the purchase quotation.

    Group No.

    Number of the purchase quotation group. That is, all items that are contained in one purchase quotation share the same group number.

    Unit Price

    Price of the item as quoted by the vendor.

    Unit Price (LC)

    Price of the item in local currency as quoted by the vendor.

    Required Date

    Date by which you need the items.

    Quoted Date

    Date by which the vendor agrees deliver the items.

    Required Quantity

    Number of items to be procured.

    Quoted Quantity

    Number of items the vendor promises to deliver.


    Purchase quotations can have one of the following statuses: open, closed or canceled.

    Create Purchase Order

    Creates a purchase order for the vendor and the items you selected.

    The results are sorted according to the unit price (LC) in ascending order, and then according to the quoted date in ascending order within a group. The lowest unit price, the earliest quoted date and the closest quoted quantity to the required one are highlighted in red.

    It is possible to change the sorting as required.

  2. To accept one or several of the quotations and order the goods, select the relevant line items and choose Create Purchase Order.

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