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Use this window for defining return values.

To open this window, choose   Administration   Setup   Financials   Tax   Tax Engine Configuration  . In the displayed Tax Parameter - Setup window, choose Define New in the Return Values dropdown list.

Return Values - Setup Window Fields
Return Value Code

Define the code for the return value.

  • The first character must be ‘a...z’ or ‘A…Z’.

  • The other characters can be ‘_’ or ‘a…z’ or ‘A…Z’ or ‘1…9’.

Saving your changes prompts a system message informing you that this attribute is used in a tax parameter.


Describe the return value.

Display in Sales/Purchasing Tax Amount Window

Displays the return values in the tax window in A/P or A/R documents.

Note Note

If the default value for Tax Amount is selected, you cannot change it. However, you can change this checkbox anytime for other return values.

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Note Note

You cannot delete a return value that is being used in a tax parameter.

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