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Use this window to define data source connections for user-defined Crystal reports and Crystal Reports layouts. Note that you can neither remove nor add a connection; the available data sources and the number of connections are established when designing the report.


Data Source Tab Fields

Indicates the main report and the names of subreports.

Reference Server, Reference Database

Indicates the server and database that is used when designing the report or layout.


The servers available for selection are those registered in your SLD (System Landscape Directory) service. For more information, see the Administrator's Guide provided with SAP Business One.

The default server is the reference server.


Available databases depend on the server that you have selected; you can select the database only after you have specified the server.

The default database is the reference database.

More Information

Report and Layout Manager Window

For more information, see the guide How to Work with SAP Crystal Reports in SAP Business One at