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SAP Business One lets you print serial numbers as an integral part of the document details or as a separate page. You can set default print layouts for the documents that relate to serial numbers. In these documents, you can print serial numbers as an integral part of the document details.


You have chosen   Administration   System Initialization   Print Preferences   and in the When Printing Template Include SN, Print field, you have chosen the type of serial number to print when printing a layout, such as Mfr Serial No., Serial No. or Lot Number.


  1. Create an inventory receipt or issue document that includes serial number-managed items.

  2. From the Tools menu, choose Layout Designer... or click Layout Designer... (Layout Designer...) in the toolbar.

  3. Select the Invoice Including Batch/SN (System) printing layout.

  4. From the File menu, choose Print, or click Print (Print) in the toolbar.


The information about the associated serial numbers is printed in one line, with comma separators between the serial numbers.