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Use this window to design templates for sales unit hierarchies according to the business needs of sales employee groupings.

To open this window, choose   Administration   Setup   General   Sales Unit Hierarchy  .

Sales Unit Hierarchy - Setup Window Fields

Specify a hierarchy template.

Item Name

Name of the sales unit.

Item Location

Displays the current parent article and sales unit location on the tree. Use the drop-down lists in these fields to change the location of the sales unit.

Group Data

Select one of the following:

  • Text Title: Select this option and enter a title for the new subtotal in the row below it

  • Subtotal: Select this option to display the subtotal in the report.

    1. Select the Subtotal checkbox.

    2. Mark the sales unit under which you want to locate the subtotal.

    3. Select whether to calculate the new subtotal by automatic summary or by special formula.

    4. Choose Formula to open the Formula Definition window and define the formula to be used when generating the report according to this template.

Add Same-Level Acct

Enables you to add a new sales unit with a similar level as the highlighted sales unit.

Add Sub-Level Acct

Enables you to create a sales unit with a lower level than the highlighted sales unit.