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The Messages and Alerts widget displays messages in a clearer and easier-to-read way.

Example Example

The following table shows examples of the new messages:

Original Alert Messages

New Alert Messages

Deviation from Credit Limit

BP V70000 exceeds defined credit limit deviation.

Deviation from Commitment Limit

BP V70000 exceeds defined commitment limit deviation.

Deviation from % of Gross Profit

Sales Order 82: profit margin less than defined value.

Deviation from Discount (in%)

Sales Order 82 exceeds defined discount deviation.

Deviation from Budget

Accounts exceed defined budget deviation: Office and Building Rent, Office Maintenance,…

Minimum Inventory Deviation

Items below min. inventory level: P10004, S10000,…

End of the example.

To work with this widget, proceed as follows:


  1. To view the messages in the Messages and Alerts widget, add the widget to your cockpit.

  2. To view the details of one message, in the widget, double-click the message.

    The Messages/Alerts Overview window appears and displays the detailed information of this message.

    In the Messages/Alerts Overview window, you can forward, reply to, and delete messages.

    Note Note

    After you delete a message in the Messages/Alerts Overview window, the message is automatically removed from the Messages and Alerts widget.

    End of the note.