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You cannot remove a branch as long as a document is created for the branch.

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  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Administration   Setup   Financials   Branches  .

  2. In the Branch — Setup window, specify relevant information.

  3. Define the following mandatory fields:

    • Branch Name

    • Default Warehouse ID

    • Country

  4. Define other fields for the branch.

  5. Define I.E. numbers for the branch as follows:

    1. Select the row of the branch and choose the Branch I.E. Numbers pushbutton.

      Alternatively, double-click the row of the branch.

    2. In the Branch I.E. Numbers — Setup window, specify a state and the I.E. number for the state.

    3. Choose the Update pushbutton.

    4. To define more than one I.E. number, repeat steps 2 and 3.

    5. To define a default I.E. number other than that in the first row, select the row of the I.E. number and choose the Set as Default pushbutton.

    6. Choose the Update and OK pushbuttons.

  6. Choose the Update pushbutton.