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An implementation project template contains a hierarchical list of all the steps you must complete to perform an SAP Business One implementation. After creating a project template, you can follow the steps to install and configure SAP Business One.

You can use implementation projects to do the following:

  • Create a hierarchical list of implementation steps

  • Add a quick link to the relevant window in SAP Business One for each step

  • Attach comments and files to each step

  • Assign steps to different users

  • Record and track your progress as you work through each step

  • Modify or reorganize implementation steps on-the-fly

  • Save project templates and share them with others

The Implementation Project window contains the following tabs:

  • Progress – Use this tab to work with project templates during an SAP Business One implementation. You can follow the steps to install and configure the application, according to specific business requirements, and record and track your progress.

  • Plan – Use this tab to create new project templates or edit existing project templates.