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Once you enable the bin location function for a warehouse, you must record bin locations for all receipts of inventory in the warehouse, including the processing of the following documents or transactions:

  • Purchasing

    • Goods Receipt PO

    • A/P Invoice

    • A/P Debit Memo (Mexico)

    • A/P Correction Invoice (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland)

    • A/P Correction Invoice Reversal (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland)

  • Sales

    • Return

    • A/R Credit Memo

  • Inventory

    • Goods Receipt

    • Inventory Transfer (the receiving side)

  • Production

    • Receipt from Production

Note Note

Typically, you use the above-listed documents or transactions to record the receipts of inventory. However, SAP Business One also makes it possible for you to record the receipts of inventory using typical issue documents, such as deliveries or A/R invoices. You can enter a negative quantity in these documents to indicate the receipts.

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During the receipts of inventory, SAP Business One can place the received items to bin locations automatically, or you can manually allocate the items to bin locations.