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You can use Quick Copy to copy data from the company database of the SAP Business One company to which you are currently logged on to a quick copy data file. In this scenario, the company database that you are currently using is the source, and the quick copy data file is the target.


To copy data to a file, do the following:

  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Administration   System Initialization   Implementation Center   Implementation Tasks  .

  2. In the Implementation Tasks window, click Copy Data Between Companies.

    The Quick Copy window appears.

  3. In the Source or Target area, select the Copy to File radio button and choose the Browse button.

    In the Save As window, enter a name for the target quick copy data file and specify the location where you want to save the data.

    Note Note

    The source is the company database that you are currently using.

    End of the note.
  4. In the Error Handling area, specify the response of the application when encountering errors. You can specify whether to continue or terminate the entire copy process if the application encounters either one or a specific number of errors when copying records.

    Note Note

    After completing the copy process, you can view detailed information about any errors that may occur in the copy log.

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    Choose the OK button.

    Note Note

    To display the copy options at any time, from the menu bar, choose   Quick Copy   Options  .

    End of the note.
  5. In the Data Categories area, do the following:

    • To copy all records for a data category, select the corresponding checkbox for the data category.

    • To copy specific records for a data category, expand the data category, and then select an object. In the right-hand pane, select the records that you want to copy.

    Choose the Export button.

  6. If the data that you want to copy depends on other objects that you have not selected to copy, the Data Dependencies window appears, which displays a list of the objects on which the selected data is dependent.

    In the Data Dependencies window, you can select additional objects to copy, which are required to successfully copy the selected data.

    Caution Caution

    If you do not select all the objects in the Data Dependencies window, the application may encounter one or more errors during the copying process.

    End of the caution.

    After selecting additional objects, choose the Continue button.


The application copies the selected data from the company database that you are currently using to the target quick copy data file.

The Quick Copy Log Category Details window appears, which provides a summary of the copy process.