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Procedure documentationFiltering Campaign Response E-Mails Using the Common Functions Widget Locate this document in the navigation structure


  1. You have enabled the cockpit function.

  2. You have added the Common Functions widget to your cockpit and have added the Campaign item to this widget. For more information about this widget, see Common Functions


  1. From Microsoft Office Outlook, select one e-mail to be matched.

    Note Note

    The application matches one e-mail at a time. If you have dragged multiple e-mails to match a campaign, only the last mail of your selections will be processed.

    End of the note.
  2. Drag the e-mail to the Campaign item in the Common Functions cockpit.

  3. The application searches the sender’s e-mail address in the campaign database.

    If the application finds the same e-mail address as in the contact person information of a campaign, the campaign form appears with the campaign data displayed.

    If the application finds no records of this e-mail address in the campaign database, you receive the message: No relevant campaign found.