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In the Brazil localization, you can reuse the nota fiscal (NF) numbers of canceled documents. NF numbers of the following documents or sequences, however, are not available for reuse:

  • External sequence

  • Locked sequences

  • Sequences that are assigned to another branch if you have enabled multiple branches for your company

Note Note

Even if a canceled document has been archived, you can still reuse its NF number.

End of the note.

If a document occupies the last used number of a NF sequence and you cancel the document after activating the function of reusing NF numbers, this document no longer occupies the NF number. As a result, the next document added to this sequence automatically reuses the NF number; meanwhile, the number does not appear in the list of reusable NF numbers for manual selection.

Special Case: Cancellation of a Document with Last Used Number of a NF Sequence

If you reuse the NF number of a canceled document but change the NF model for the document after its creation, the new document still uses the default model defined for the NF sequence in the Sequence – <Document> window. Nevertheless, you can always update the model of the new document if you need to.

The following table gives an example of the seemingly inconsistent reuse of NF numbers:

Sequence / Document


Sequence NFe

Modelo 1

Updated canceled document A using a NF number from sequence NFe

Modelo 2

New document B that reuses the NF number of document A

Modelo 1


  • On the General tab of the Document Settings window, you have selected the Reuse Nota Fiscal Numbers of Canceled Documents checkbox.

  • You have at least one reusable NF number.


  1. Before adding a document, right-click in the NF No. fields on the Tax tab and choose Reuse Nota Fiscal No. of Canceled Document.

  2. In the Reusable Nota Fiscal Numbers window, select a nota fiscal sequence.

  3. Select a nota fiscal number and choose the OK pushbutton.

  4. Create the document as usual.