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Use this option to delete warehouse sublevel codes in batches.

SAP Business One allows you to preview the warehouse sublevel codes before you delete them.

To select this option, proceed as follows:

  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Administration   Setup   Inventory   Bin Locations   Warehouse Sublevel Code Management  .

  2. In the Warehouse Sublevel Code Management window, select Delete Warehouse Sublevel Codes in the Management Task field.

Select Warehouse Sublevel Codes

Use this section to select a range of warehouse sublevel codes that you want to delete.

Warehouse Sublevel

From a dropdown list of active warehouse sublevels, select a sublevel for which you want to delete the codes.

Note Note

By default, SAP Business One activates warehouse sublevel 1 for you. To activate other warehouse sublevels, go to Bin Location Field Activation Window.

End of the note.
Sublevel Code From ... To

Specify a range of warehouse sublevel codes you want to delete.

Expanded Selection Criteria

Use this section to further narrow down the range of warehouse sublevel codes that you want to delete.


If you want to filter the warehouse sublevel codes by description, select the left-side checkbox first.

Then, enter the description in the right-side field. SAP Business One automatically searches through the selected warehouse sublevel codes and finds those with the specified description.

If you leave the right-side field empty, SAP Business One filters out all selected warehouse sublevel codes which have a description.