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In purchasing, you try to find the best offer for goods or services that you require. To do so, you send a purchase invitation to a number of vendors to indicate their terms and conditions, such as price or delivery date for the supply of materials or provision of service, by submitting a quotation.

In this purchase quotation, the material or service details, for example, quantity, required date and vendor information, are specified. You compare the quotations received and determine the vendor that you want to order from.

Working with quotations typically involves the steps outlined below.


  1. Create purchase quotations.

    For more information, see Creating Purchase Quotations.

  2. Send quotations to vendors.

  3. Record vendors’ answers in purchase quotations.

    For more information, see Recording Vendor Replies.

  4. Compare quotations to determine the best offer and create a purchase order.

    For more information, see Comparing Purchase Quotations.

  5. Close related purchase quotations.

    For more information, see Closing, Cancelling and Removing Purchase Quotations.