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Procedure documentationDefining an Automatic Reconciliation Difference Account Locate this document in the navigation structure


You can perform automatic internal and external reconciliations of transactions with nonidentical amounts. To allow automatic reconciliations with differences, you must first define the automatic reconciliation difference account. Then, when you perform the automatic reconciliation, you specify the maximum amount of the difference that should be allowed.

During automatic reconciliation, SAP Business One fully reconciles pairs of transactions. If a difference is found, and it is less than or equal to the maximum difference amount you specified, it is posted to the automatic reconciliation difference account.


  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Administration   Setup   Financials   G/L Account Determination   General   tab.

  2. In the Automatic Reconciliation Diff. field, specify an existing G/L account or define a new account.

  3. To save your changes, choose the Update button.