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During SAP Business One implementation projects, you should configure and test the system using a test company database. After testing is complete, you can use Quick Copy to transfer the configuration data to a new company before going live or starting pilot phases.

You can copy all configuration data at the same time or in stages, by selecting several data categories and records each time.


  • You have configured test and live environments.

  • The company databases in the test and live environments have the same versions.


  1. Log on to the test company database.

  2. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Administration   System Initialization   Implementation Center   Implementation Tasks  .

  3. In the Implementation Tasks window, click Copy Data Between Companies.

    The Quick Copy window appears.

  4. Copy the required configuration data to a quick copy data file. For more information, see Copying Data to Files.

    Note Note

    Keep a record of the location where you saved the quick copy data file, as you will need this information in the following steps.

    End of the note.
  5. Log on to the live company database, and then follow the instructions in the previous steps to open the Quick Copy window.

  6. Copy the configuration data from the quick copy data file you previously created to the current company. For more information, see Copying Data from Files.