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Use this window to add serial numbers for the item.

To access this window, from the SAP Business One Main Menu, choose   Inventory   Item Management   Serial Numbers   Serial Number Details  .

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You can access the Serial Number Details window for inventory issue and receipt documents from every window in the Inventory Transactions sub module with a Serial Number field, by clicking Link Arrow (Link Arrow) beside each serial number.

To display the Serial Number field in a window, choose   Tools   Form Settings   in the menu bar, or choose Form Settings (Form Settings) in the toolbar.

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This topic documents fields and other elements in this window that either are not self-explanatory or require additional information.

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Serial Number Details Fields
Item Number, Item Description

Displays the number and description of the item.


Displays the warehouse for the serial number-managed item.


Displays the status of the serial number.


For serial number creation - define how many serial numbers you want to add for the item.

For serial number update - displays the total number of serial numbers for the item.

Bin Location

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The field is available only if you have enabled bin locations for at least one warehouse.

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Displays the code of the bin location in which the serial item is stored.

To view the details about the bin location, open the Bin Location Master Data window by clicking Link Arrow (Link Arrow) to the left of the bin location code.

Mfr. Serial No.

Enter the value for the manufacturer serial number.

Serial Number

Enter the value for the serial number.

Lot Number

Enter the value for the lot number, in case a serial number is a part of the lot.

Admission Date

Enter the creation date of the serial number.

Manufacturing Date

Enter the date on which the item was manufactured.

Expiration Date

Enter the expiry date of the serial number.

Mfr. Warranty Start/End

Enter the range of warranty dates for the serial numbers, if a manufacturer warranty exists.


Enter the location of the item in the warehouse.


Enter any free text regarding serial numbers.