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Use this function to update all the special prices in SAP Business One.

Three different ways to update the selection criteria of special prices are:

  • Increase or decrease the discount percentage

  • Change the item prices by a percentage

  • Refresh special prices from their linked price list

Select the relevant tab to choose the operation required, define the change and the selection criteria, and click OK.


The landlord of the Peaches and Cream fruit store has raised the rent for the store by 20%. Annie, the manager, must now raise the prices of her produce by 7 %, which she has calculated will cover her increased costs. She backs up her company database before she begins the update.

On the Change Discount % tab of the Update Special Prices Globally window, she types 7 in the Change Price of Items in Selection Criteria by field and chooses OK. She does not select any specific business partner or items since she wants to raise prices across the board.

To view the changes, she opens the Special Prices for Business Partners window; any business partner she selects displays the updated prices. However, in the Price List window the original prices are evident.