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Pick and Pack in SAP Business One lets you automate the processing of sales orders and A/R reserve invoices in an orderly way, from the creation of pick lists up to packing items for shipment with delivery documents.

The Pick and Pack process includes the following procedures:

  • Creating a pick list from open sales orders and/or A/R reserve invoices

  • Picking items according to a pick list

  • Packing items for shipment

  • Creating delivery and A/R invoice documents

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You can allocate batch and serial items throughout the pick and pack process. For more information, see Assigning Batches or Serials in Pick and Pack Process.

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Before you can begin working with Pick and Pack in SAP Business One, you need to have at least one open sales order or A/R reserve invoice.


The following is an example of a typical Pick and Pack flow in a company that maintains at least one warehouse.

Pick and Pack Scenario for Company with Warehouse
  1. In the company offices, one clerk or more handles the incoming orders and creates sales documents.

  2. In the warehouse, an employee, possibly a designated pick dispatcher, accesses and filters the open sales orders and A/R reserve invoices on his or her computer with the Pick and Pack Manager window.

  3. The pick dispatcher creates pick lists, prioritizing and grouping sales orders and A/R reserve invoices by criteria such as required date or customer. The pick dispatcher checks released item quantities against available item quantities and may decide to release pick lists for partial shipments.

  4. The pick dispatcher allocates pick lists to employees who are designated as pickers. The pick dispatcher monitors the processing of all pick lists using the different views and filters of the Pick and Pack Manager window.

  5. Pickers pick the items from the warehouse shelves and mark the picked quantities in either printed or online pick lists.

  6. Pickers or other employees create packages of items for shipment. Typically each shipment contains a delivery document and a packing slip. Employees use SAP Business One to create and print these delivery documents.