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Procedure documentationUpdating Serial Numbers for an Item Locate this document in the navigation structure


You can update the details of existing serial numbers with reference to specific items, subsequent to the definition or use of the serial numbers in documents.

When you update serial numbers in inventory documents, SAP Business One maintains a link between the document and its serial numbers, updates the defined serial numbers' inventory documents, and changes the status of the items to unavailable.

For information about how to find and update a specific serial number without reference to a specific item, see Viewing and Updating Serial Numbers.


  1. Choose   Inventory   Item Management   Serial Numbers   Serial Number Management  .

    The Serial Numbers Management - Selection Criteria Window appears.

  2. In the Operation field, select the Update option.

  3. Set the selection criteria for the items to be displayed on the relevant tabs and choose the OK button.

    The Serial Number Management - Update window appears.

  4. Choose a document in the Rows from Document table.

  5. Update the serial numbers in one of the following ways:

    • Manually - Select the serial numbers in the Created Serial Numbers area, and make the necessary changes.

    • Automatically - Choose the Global Update button to open the Serial Number Global Updates window and make the necessary changes. For more information, see Serial Number Global Updates Window.

      You can globally update one field or several fields simultaneously, for the row selected in the Serial Number Management - Update window. The selected data is globally updated in all the serial number-managed item rows.

      Example Example

      Choose the Global Update button and in the Serial Number Global Updates window enter a new expiration date. When you update, the expiration dates of all the serial numbers in the selected row are updated accordingly.

      End of the example.
  6. To save the changes, choose the Update button and the OK button.