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The following fields appear in the general area of the Incoming Payments window.

To open the window, choose   Banking   Incoming Payments   Incoming Payments  . Select Customer or Vendor.

Incoming Payments: Customer & Vendor
Name, Bill to

Editable business partner details. To move to the next field, press CTRL+TAB.

Contact Person

Default contact person defined for the business partner. Specify another contact person if required.


To relate the incoming payment to a specific project, specify the required project.


Default numbering series and current number of the incoming payment in the default numbering series. Specify another series if required.

To document a receipt that was originally created in a notebook, select Manual, then copy the number from the original receipt to the number field.

Posting Date, Document Date

Current date by default, which you can change as required.

Due Date

By default, the current date, which will be the due date of the business partner row in the journal entry created by the document.

Note Note

After you enter the details of the payment means in the Payment Means window and return to the Incoming Payment window, this field is updated with the weighted average of the due dates defined for the payment means.

End of the note.

If required, you can change this date before you add the document.


Specify the business partner's reference number for this payment.

Transaction No.

Number of the journal entry created by this document. The number appears after you have added the incoming payment.


Enter any remarks about this incoming payment.

Journal Remarks

Enter any details to be displayed in the Remarks field of the journal entry. Displays by default: Incoming - <business partner code>.

Note Note

If the incoming payment has been generated by the payment wizard, the default display is Incoming Payments - <business partner code> — <payment run name>.

The payment run name is copied from the Payment Wizard, General Parameters window.

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Control Account

Specify the control account for the incoming payment. The control account affects only the amount that is not based on the invoice in the journal entry of the payment. The default account varies according to your selection of documents.

  • If you have not selected any invoice or, if the first document that you have selected is a manual journal entry, the default control account is the one set in the business partner master data.

  • If you have selected invoices, the default control account is that of the first invoice you have selected.

Created By Payment Wizard

Indicates whether or not the incoming payments were created through the payment wizard. You cannot edit it. Only available when the option Customer is selected.

Payment on Account

Creates an incoming payment not based on any transaction or document appearing in the table. When you select this option, the Control Account field appears where you can specify the control account for the incoming payment.

Note Note

When a payment on account is included in a payment order run, you cannot cancel it.

End of the note.
Total Amount Due

Amount of the payment in local currency, when the incoming payment is created for a local currency business partner.

Total Amount (LC), Total Amount (FC)

Amount of the payment in the foreign currency and in the local currency, according to the defined exchange rate.

Available when the incoming payment is created for an All currency or foreign currency business partner.

Open Balance

Reflects the difference between the amount paid and the amount due, in case it is greater than the amount specified in the Incoming Amt Diff. Allowed or Incoming % Diff. Allowed field in the Currencies - Setup window under   Administration   Setup   Financials   Currencies  .

Add in Sequence

If the payment is not against a specific documents/transactions, closes the documents/transactions according their display order in the table.

Only available if the Incoming Payment is created for a customer.

Country-Specific Fields: Europe
WTax Code

If the incoming payment is not against a specific document or transaction, specify the relevant withholding tax code.

Only available if Withholding Tax is selected in   Administration   Setup   Financials   G/L Account Determination   Sales   Tax  , and if all the following conditions are met:

  • Payment on Account is selected in the Incoming Payment window.

  • The business partner is defined as subject to withholding tax.

  • At least one withholding tax code of type Payment is linked to the business partner.

WTax Base Sum

Amount of the payment that is considered as the base amount for the calculation of the withholding tax amount.

Tax Code

If the incoming payment is not against specific document/transaction, specify the relevant tax code.

Only available if the option Payment on Account is selected in the Incoming Payment window.


Tax amount according to the tax code selected in the Tax Code field.

WTax Amount

Withholding tax amount for the incoming payment.

Country-Specific Fields: Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden
Payment Reference No.

Specify an invoice reference number.

Country-Specific Fields: Chile, Portugal, & Spain

The agent assigned to the customer on the General tab in the business partner master data.

Only available when creating incoming payment from a customer.

Country-Specific Fields: Brazil

Select a branch from which you want to choose the customer/vendor.

Note Note

This field is available only if you have enabled multiple branches.

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Accumulated Payment

Accumulated amount of payments received from the customer in the posting month. Only payments on regular invoices are calculated in an accumulated amount. Other transactions, such as journal entries, down payment invoices, or credit memos are not considered.

Withholding Amount

On-hold withholding tax amount related to the accumulated payment.

Country-Specific Fields: India
Seq. Name

Specify a sequence from the drop-down list. The system generates the sequence automatically.

Note Note

This field appears only for documents that are assigned a sequence.

End of the note.
Country-Specific Fields: Italy

Choose the CIG and CUP codes in the lists for the payment.

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