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Use this window to have active accounts generated automatically from a combination of different segments. These segments represent the specific business units or activities that you want to track.

The following prerequisites must be fulfilled:

  • Account segmentation is allowed for your country or state.

  • The option Use Segmentation Accounts is selected in   Administration   System Initialization   Company Details   on the Basic Initialization tab.

To open the window, choose   Financials   Account Code Generator  .

Account Code Generator Window
G/L Account Details

For all G/L accounts to be created, define the following:

  • Natural Account – Number of characters is limited to the value of the Size field in the Account Segmentation - Setup window for the first segment: Natural Account

  • Account Name – String you enter here, plus a suffix from the short name of every segment

  • Currency – Specify the appropriate currency

  • Level – Specify the level in the chart of accounts

G/L Account Location
  • Drawer: Specify the chart of accounts drawer to which to add the G/L accounts.

  • Parent Article: If you create G/L accounts in Levels 3 to 5, you can set the appropriate title in the drawer to which the accounts are added. The drop-down box displays titles from one level below the value you set in Level of G\L Account Details.

Example Example

When you select 3 in the Level field, the Parent Article field displays titles from Level 2 of the selected drawer.

End of the example.
G/L Account Properties

The fields from the Chart of Accounts window appear according to the selected drawer.

Division, Region, Department

Choose the button for each segment to open the Segment Code – Selection Criteria window, where you select the required codes from each segment to be included.

Note Note

You must use all the segments defined in SAP Business One when you create new G/L accounts.

End of the note.