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This window displays the Exchange Rate Differences report according to your defined selection criteria.

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Exchange Rate Differences Window
Execution Date

Date up to which the exchange rate differences are calculated.

Exchange Rate

The exchange rate of the System Currency in Local Currency for the Execution Date.

Details on Transactions

Determine the following details regarding the exchange rate differences transactions you want to execute:

  • Ref. 1 – Specify the details you want to display in the Ref. 1 field of the transactions.

  • Code – Specify the required transaction code. The description of the selected code is displayed automatically in the Remarks field. To define a new transaction code, choose   Administration   Setup   Financials   Transaction Codes  .

  • Remarks – Enter a remark to display in the Remarks field in the journal entry.

  • Auto. Remarks – Automatically displays the text Exchange rate differences for <currency name> in the Remarks field of the journal entry.

  • Auto Reverse – Automatically creates a reverse transaction for the exchange rate differences transaction. In the Reversal Date field, you can specify the date for the reverse transaction.


Select the transactions you want to execute.


Balance of the G/L account or business partner, calculated in local currency.

Balance (FC)

Balance of the G/L account or business partner, calculated in the G/L account/business partner currency (the mark of the currency displayed in the next column).


Rate set for calculating the difference.


Suggested difference calculated in LC for the journal entries recorded up to the date of execution.


Saves the recommendations as a draft, without creating journal entries.

More Information

Reverse Transaction