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This window displays the Document Journal in the Detailed Transactions output mode, according to your selection criteria.

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This topic documents fields and other elements in this window that either are not self-explanatory or require additional information.

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Document Journal: Detailed Transactions
Succ. No.

Successive numbers of transactions, according to the value entered in the First Sequential No. field in the selection criteria.

Trans. No.

Transaction number and a link to the journal entry.

Posting Date

Posting date of each row in the transaction.

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If you selected Display Installments in One Row in the selection criteria, the posting date displayed in the installment rows is the one assigned to the last installment.

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Numbering series linked to the transaction.

G/L Acct/BP Code, G/L Acct/BP Name

Code and name of the G/L account or business partner to which the row of the transaction is related.

Debit/Credit (LC)

Total amount of the credit or debit fields, in local currency.


Additional details for the document or journal entry.