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This report displays a balance sheet based on a selected budget scenario. Use this window to specify selection criteria for the Balance Sheet Budget report.

To open the window, choose   Financials   Financial Reports   Budget Reports   Balance Sheet Budget Report  . Alternatively, open it from the Reports module.

After defining the report, you can view it in the Balance Sheet Budget Report window.

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This topic documents fields and other elements in this window that either are not self-explanatory or require additional information.

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Selection Criteria

Specify the year, then click the month or months for which the report should be created. The date field below is updated accordingly.

External Code

Displays external codes that you defined for G/L accounts in   Financials   Chart of Accounts   External Code  .

Ignore Adj. Trans. (Period 13)

Report excludes adjustment transactions.

Accounts with Balance of Zero

Report includes accounts with zero balance.

Budget-Relevant Accounts Only

Report includes only G/L accounts defined as relevant to the budget.

Foreign Names

Displays foreign names that you have defined for G/L accounts in   Financials   Chart of Accounts   Account Details   Foreign Name  .

Choose Segments

Opens the Find G/L Accounts window, where you can select the accounts to include in the report, according to segments.

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Only available if the company maintains a chart of accounts based on segments.

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