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This window displays the Tax Jurisdiction report according to your defined selection criteria.

To create and display the report, choose   Financials   Financial Reports   Accounting   Tax   Tax Report  , choose the By Jurisdiction Tax Code tab, specify the required parameters, and choose OK.

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Tax Jurisdiction Report Window
Jurisdiction Tax Code

Displays the jurisdiction tax code. Click Expand (Expand) to display all the records linked to this jurisdiction tax code.

Name, Type, Rate

Display the name, type, and rate defined for the jurisdiction tax code.

Posting Date

Displays the posting date of the transaction, only in expanded view mode.


Displays the type and the number of the document by which the transaction was created. For example, IN 3 represents A/R invoice number 3. Click Link Arrow (Link Arrow) to open the relevant document.

Total Amount

Displays the total amount of the document after discount, but before tax and freight charges.

Taxable Amount

Displays the amount subject to tax.

Taxable Freight

Amount of the freight that is subject to tax.

Non-Taxable Amount

Amount that is not subject to tax.

Tax Amount

Tax amount calculated for that transaction.

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