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This window displays the Tax Reconciliation report according to your defined selection criteria.

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Tax Report – Reconciliation Window

Choose to expand or collapse the display of each account.

Tax Code

Displays the tax codes involved in the transactions included in the report, for each G/L account.

Click Expand (Expand) to display a list of the transactions involving that tax code.

Tax %

Displays the tax rate of the tax code.

Posting Date

Displays the posting date of the document/journal entry.

If Tax Date is selected in the Selection Criteria window, this column displays the tax date of the document/journal entry.

Tax Base Amount

Displays the amount that is the basis for the tax calculation and was posted to the G/L account.

Tax Amount

Tax amount calculated for the report.

Country-Specific Fields: Spain
EQ %

Displays the equalization rate in percent, if defined for the tax code.

EQ Amount

Displays the equalization amount that was calculated for the report.

EQ Base Amount

Displays the base amount for calculating equalization tax in the document

EQ Tax Amount

Displays the amount of equalization tax calculated for the report.

Deferred Tax Document

Indicates whether the document contains deferred tax.

Country-Specific Field: Czech Republic, Slovakia
VAT Date

Displays the VAT date as defined in the document/transaction.