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Use the following shortcut keys in incoming and outgoing payments.

Shortcut Keys in Payment Documents


Menu Command

Shortcut Key

Display the Payment Means window

  Goto   Payment Means...  

Ctrl + Y

Generate the Transaction Journal report

  Goto   Transaction Journal...  

Ctrl + J

Position the cursor in the Business Partner Code field

  Goto   Business Partner Code  

Ctrl + U

Move to the first row in the table

  Goto   First Row  

Ctrl + H

Move to the last row in the table

  Goto   Last Row  

Ctrl + E

Proceed to the Remarks field

  Goto   Remarks  

Ctrl + R

Copy the amount due to the Total or Amount fields in the Payment Means window

  Right Click   Copy Balance Due  

Ctrl + B in the Total or Amount field

Move to the next active field after you have changed the business partner name or a G/L account name in Checks for Payment

Ctrl + Shift + Tab